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[Reg. Des. Nos. GB 2022948; EU 00057638]

All sizes shown are in inches
The KUMFI SAFETY CAR HARNESS, is fully adjustable and designed for
EASIER EXERCISING, TRAINING, and CONTROL plus the added benefit
of easy conversion to a CAR RESTRAINT with a CAR SEAT BELT ADAPTER
(enclosed). The two REFLECTIVE FLASHES are for added safety at night.
EXTRA SMALL. Bichon Frise, King Charles, small Terriers.
SMALL. Westie, Cocker, small Collie and most Terriers.
MEDIUM. Standard Spaniels, Collies, smaller Labradors etc
LARGE. Large Labrador, Boxer, Retriever, Dalmatian or GSD
EXTRA LARGE. Mastiff, Gt. Dane, Newfoundland, Rottweiler or very large dogs.

The SAFETY CAR HARNESS is another multifunction product designed for GENERAL EXERCISE with or without a lead (lead not included in the package), or, with the CAR SEAT BELT ADAPTER (enclosed) as a CAR SAFETY RESTRAINT. The two RELECTIVE FLASHES are for safety at night, particularly useful for dark coloured dogs. The harnesses are also used by many specialist service dogs as a SEARCH HARNESS.. The Kumfi Safety Harness is easy to fit and remove, comfortable for the dog, extremely strong and manufactured in good quality webbing.


The Kumfi Safety car harness only needs adjusting once. (1) Select the correct size from the photographs and General Size Guide. (2) Adjust both sides of the neck strap ‘A’, Ensure the double fabric is even. (3) Adjust the breast strap ‘C’ leaving sufficient space for the buckle to pass through the end. (4) Adjust the tummy strap ‘B’ passing it through the end of the breast strap ‘E’. Ensure the straps are evenly adjusted and the harness is comfortable but secure on the dog. For GENERAL EXERCISE clip the lead to the control ring.

CAR SAFETY RESTRAINT. With the CAR SEAT BELT ADAPTER fitted in the car and the SAFETY CAR HARNESS fitted on to the dog the harness can then be used as a CAR SAFETY RESTRAINT. In saloon cars dogs should be carried on the back seat.

(1) Leave the seat belts at the side of the car and select which side you would like the dog to sit. (2) Pass the seat belt adapter fabric ‘D’ around the seat belt and pass the trigger hook back through the ring. Set at a height suitable to the size of the dog and pull firmly, sufficiently to lock it into that position. (3) With the Safety Car Harness and lead on the dog lead it into the car. Clip the trigger hook of the Car Seat Belt Adapter to the Harness and if the dog accepts this unclip the lead and close the door of the car. Ensure the inertia is working on the seat belt and the dog can lie down. (4) It is important that the dog is accustomed to the harness being attached before driving off so a few minutes initially with the car stationary is advisable. (5) Should the driver have to brake hard or if the car is involved in an unfortunate accident the Safety Harness will prevent the dog being flung to the front. Dogs being carried in cars without a safety restraint can be an extreme danger to both dog and driver.

(a) Dogs wearing the Safety Car Harness can be helped into cars or over obstacles. (b) The Safety Car Harness, because it wraps around the torso of the dog completely, it has a distinct calming effect on most excitable dogs. (c) Exercising on the lead can be much kinder as any pressure from the lead is put on the full torso rather than the neck and is an advantage to puppies, infirm dogs or dogs suffering from neck problems.. (d) The two side Safety Flashes are highly visible in car headlights or from the beam of a torch. In addition to the obvious added safety factor for all dogs, dark coloured dogs have this added benefit of being seen more easily by the owner at night with the use of a torch. (e) The JUSTER LEAD, the HANDY LEAD or the DOUBLE ACTION LEAD may be used with the Safety Harness with there own individual added benefits. (f) For assistance with training, using the Double Action Lead, one trigger hook attached to the Safety Harness and the other to the collar assists with control and training of boisterous or strong dogs. (g) THE SEAT BELT ADAPTER WHEN UNUSED SHOULD BE LEFT CLIPPED TO THE SEAT BELT. Where more than one car is being used additional Seat Belt Adapter(s) can be purchased.

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