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[Reg. Des. No. GB 2099174]
All collar sizes shown are in inches

This collar is all fabric and ideal for light coloured dogs (no marking), where it is to be used as a house collar or for general exercise. It can be used for puppies, long coated dogs or if required for aged or infirm dogs.

(a) A soft house collar with no dangerous loose ends. It has no choking effect or MARKING OF THE COAT, the latter usually attributed to training collars incorrectly designed or with poor quality chains.
(b) Ideal for puppies as a first collar or as a collar to be permanently worn by the dog.
(c) It is unlawful for a dog to be in a public place without a collar and identification. A name disc can be attached to the chrome ‘D’ Ring.
(d) The three sizes of Klip On Collars are fully adjustable to the quoted sizes (see price and size guide. (e) The collar allows for correct adjustment with any particular puppy or adult dog. Further the collar allows for easy removal as and when required even in an emergency.
(f) Fittings, fabric and snap buckles are of the highest quality.

The Kumfi Klip Collar is unique in its simplicity and can be very simply adjusted to the neck size of the dog and is extremely beneficial for dogs/puppies when they are young for as they are growing as the collar can be expanded. These collars in three sizes are very easy to fit, maintain, adjust and remove.


(a) Unsnap the collar and adjust to fit comfortably around the neck of the dog.
(b) Place around the neck of the dog and snap the collar buckle shut. It should be so adjusted that it is not too tight allowing for two fingers to be inserted under the collar for comfort. If the dog is a puppy that is still growing check the collar at least once per week to ensure that it is not too tight.
(c) Check the collar to ensure it will not slip off the dogs’ head.
(d) To remove the Klip On Collar just un-snap the buckle.

Fabric colours are plain BLACK or BLACK with TWO RED, BLUE or GREEN Stripes.

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