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[Patent No. GB 2249015]
All sizes shown are in inches

A Training or Exercise Lead for every dog and designed for all occasions. 80″(2m) long lead, hands free exercise or training, a double training lead, a short 40″(100cm) lead. All in one with the two patented (magic) rings.


A = Long Lead – length 80” (2m).
B = Double Lead – length 40” (100cm) hands free, training, walking or tethering
C = Close Contact length – 30” (76cm) town or traffic.
D = Slip Collar for 2nd dog, hands free for small dog and tethering with long lead.


The patented JUSTER TRAINING LEAD is designed as a training lead and its uses have been widely recognised by Dog trainers and are used extensively by Trainers and in Dog Training Clubs throughout the U.K.

The KUMFI JUSTER Training Leads and the fabrics are all manufactured in high quality polypropylene fabric specially selected and woven for The Kumfi Range. The leads are strong but supple with the fabric widths 15mm, 19mm and 25mm. The thickness for the larger dogs is up to 3mm, this allows for comfort when leading the strongest of dogs yet balanced downwards for the smaller dogs (SEE GUIDE TO SECTION OF LEADS AND FABRIC ABOVE).

“A” The Long Lead 80”(2m) is obtained by pulling the handgrip ring out to its full length. To bring it back to double format thread the fabric through the trigger hook adjuster ring.

“B” The double format 40”(100cm) is ideal for training or walking and allows the handler to hold the double or looped fabric which gives added strength for the strongest of dogs.

In this format hands free walking, exercising or training can be done by putting the left hand and head through the loop with the dog walking or being worked on the left. If the dog is on the right then the right hand is put through. This is for standard or large breeds of dog. If it is required for a smaller dog then adjust the lead as at “D” making the loop big enough to pass over the shoulder.

For tethering a dog in the format (a) Loop the double lead over a post, or (b) make the lead into format “A” and pass the lead around the tethering post and clip the handgrip ring to the lead trigger hook.

“C” Is triple format and allows the handgrip and the looped lead to be held to make a 30” (76cm) length lead. For better control and safety in town or traffic.

“D” Is obtained by converting the lead to format “A”, a long lead. Passing the folded fabric near the handgrip through the trigger hook to form a slip loop. This is ideal for use as a slip collar with a second dog or extremely useful if the collar has to be removed. The slip collar can be put on as a temporary emergency collar.

It can also be used in this format for tethering the dog on a long lead.

Further as previously described the loop can be enlarged and used over the shoulder for hands free walking/training or where more lead length is required.


The JUSTER LEAD is an ideal training lead used extensively in dog training classes throughout the U.K.

(a) At Fig. C or use at Fig. B for teaching heelwork. The triple fabric is used as a short handgrip where required.
(b) At Fig B use over the shoulder to teach the first stages of heel free work. Fig. D with the loop extended for smaller dogs or tall handlers.
(c) At Fig. A use for teaching the STAY, RECALL ON THE LEAD, first stage RETRIEVE ON THE LEAD.


The JUSTER LEAD in format B can be converted into a TEMPORARY STOP PULL HARNESS, see below:-



TL 101 Police Juster Training Lead; 80″x 1″ heavy duty webbing, £16.00

TL 103 Juster Training Lead 3 in 1, 80″ x 3/4″ heavy duty webbing, £13.50

TL105 Juster Training Lead 3 in 1, 80″x 3/4″ in medium poly webbing £11.50


TL 106 Juster Training Lead – 80″x 1″ heavy duty webbing, £12.00

TL 107 Juster Training Lead – 80″ x 3/4″ heavy duty webbing, £9.50

TL109 Juster Training Lead – 80″x 3/4″ in medium webbing £7.50

TL 110 Juster Training Lead – 80” x 5/8” in medium webbing £6.50


1” (25mm) HEAVY lead fabric should be selected for dogs 25kg upwards.
(TL 101 & 106)

¾” (19mm) HEAVY lead fabric should be selected for dogs 15kg to 25kg.
(TL 103, & 107)

3/4” (19mm) MEDIUM lead fabric should be selected for dogs 10kg to 15kg
(TL 105 & 109)

5/8” (16mm) LIGHTWEIGHT lead fabric should be selected for dogs up to 10kg
(TL 110)

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