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All size measurements shown are in inches (Lead not included)

These all fabric check collars, ideal for light coloured dogs (no marking) or where a Kombi is inappropriate i.e. house collar, long coat, kind action, or required for aged or infirm dogs. Dogs cannot slip them hence they are safer than a standard collar.


(a) With the SNAP ON ACTION COLLAR there is no choking effect or MARKING OF THE COAT the latter usually attributed to training collars incorrectly designed or with poor quality chains.

(b) When a person is exercising the dog on the lead there is an all fabric check available for use when the attention of the dog is required for control, pulling or any other behavioural problem.

(c) The Action Collars are fully adjustable to the quoted sizes.

(d) There is an I.D. Disc holder. The collar may be converted into a non-choke standard type collar when the lead is clipped on at this point.

(e) The Snap on Action Collar has a unique high quality snap clip. The collar allows for correct adjustment with any particular puppy even with a thin neck. Further this allows for easy removal of the collar as and when required and even in an emergency.

(f) Fittings, fabric and snap buckles are of the highest quality with the metal fittings either chromium plated or solid brass.

The Kumfi Snap On Action Collar – Collar is a similar design to the Snap On KOMBI COLLAR with the chain replaced by a fabric loop. The collar can be adjusted to the neck size of the dog and is extremely beneficial for dogs/puppies when they are young or as they are growing and more importantly where their neck sizes are a smaller measurement than the head. These collars very easy to fit, maintain, adjust and remove. Due to the fact that there is no chain there is no marking and the check action is kind but effective. Due to the tightening effect when the control ring is pulled the collar is extremely safe preventing dogs escaping by pulling their heads out of a collar backwards.



(a) Unsnap the collar and adjust to fit comfortably around the neck of the dog.

(b) Place and snap the collar on then pull the control ring. It should be so adjusted that the rings prevent the collar becoming too tight for the dog hence there is no choking.

(c) The dog should not be able to slip the Action Collar.

(d) To remove the Action Collar just un-snap the buckle.

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