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[Reg. Des. EU 00190982]
All sizes shown are in inches

The JUSTER TRAINING LINE is manufactured in 30 feet (9.15m) lengths and in medium and heavy duty fabric. Longer or shorter length lines can be specially ordered 0845 388 4269. They are ideal for in class training or training and/or exercising in open spaces.

They are designed as an aid to keep dogs under the control of the handler when attempting to eradicate canine behavioural problems, teaching the recall or the retrieve or indeed any other exercise where the dog will not come back or is running off from the handler.

The JUSTER HOUSE LINE is manufactured in the same format in a 30 feet (9.15m) length x 5/8″ fabric to be used as a Training Line in the home or garden.

Juster Training Line extended length 30″ (9.15m) – Juster House Line extended length 30″ (9.15m)

30″ Juster Training Line not extended 15.5″ (4.57m) – 30″ Juster House Line not extended 15.5″ (4.57m)

Using the Juster Training Line comes with practise. Generally keep the line high away from the dogs’ feet but if the dog doubles back then lower it so that he can run over it. This is the method used by professional trainers and service dog handlers when training and handling police tracker dogs. A trained handler never gets his dog entangled in the line.

Use the Juster Training or House Line
(a) In the training class or outdoors, for safety, to control dogs that are breaking their stays, possibly running up to other dogs.
(b) For teaching the recall, remember that any dog, where there are difficulties, whether it is excitability or running off should recall on a loose line before attempting a line free recall.
(c) For dogs that will not bring a retrieve object back to the handler. The dog should be encouraged to bring the object back on the line until such time that the dog is retrieving to hand with a loose line. When using the Juster Training Line, backing away from the dog and encouragement is always better than pulling the dog in with the line.

Use the Juster Training or House Line
(a) To control the dog, jumping up, going up to the door or window barking. Jumping on furniture, chewing or any other behavioural problem where the dogs attention requires to be diverted or controlled.
(b) Remember the first essential question for any owner or handler of a dog when attempting to eradicate any behavioural problem is CAN IT BE PREVENTED. The Juster House Line usually provides this answer.
(c) Prevent most behavioural problems happening with line control, then, the line attached but keeping it loose and not using it. This usually is the simple answer to cure unwanted canine behaviour. Use the heavy duty lines for the larger strong and boisterous dogs.

Both the Juster Training and House Lines
(a) Use the line in the shorter length or long length dependant on the circumstances.
(b) To lengthen pull the handgrip ring to full extent
(c) To shorten it, fold the fabric through the adjuster ring and pull it through until the handgrip ring acts as a stop.
(d) It can be further reduced in length by tripling the fabric. In the double format, pull out as though extending to full length. Hold the handgrip and looped fabric in a triple format.

Fabric colours are BLACK or BLACK with two RED, BLUE or GREEN stripes.

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