Care must be taken with harnesses designed for ‘stopping pulling’ that are available on the market, particularly the cord type. They can cause soreness with the rubbing effect under the forelegs.

On numerous occasions I have had dog owners reporting severe sores caused by this. The object of this type of harness is that when a dog pulls upward lift is put on the chest and forelegs thereby taking traction away from the two front legs, this also combats the ability of the dog to steer. The Kumfi or the Stop Pull Harness with the soft supple webbing and sleeves are designed to stop and prevent any rubbing effect or soreness. It is also more comfortable and acceptable to the dog.

For young puppies or dogs that are not anti social the Stop Pull Harness is the ideal solution to eradicate the pulling although in the case of aggression the Dogalter, Safety Muzzle with Halter Control or the Stop Pull Headcollar should also be considered..

The Stop Pull Harness has the effect, when the dog pulls the pulling is converted to this upward lift thereby reducing the traction on the front legs and thus preventing pulling and steering.

The Stop Pull Harness is readily accepted by the vast majority of dogs without adverse effects, also to handlers and public alike. They are also useful for the odd dog that will just not accept a head collar.

See the book “Dog Training the Hi’Craft Way” by George GRAYSON Price & £8.99 for a more detailed description of all products and more problem solving.

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