Barking in the car invariably comes from excitement and there are a number of methods that can be adopted to prevent it such as calming the dog, getting the dog’s attention on to something else and physically stopping the dog barking with a snug muzzle.

With this dog, having got it accustomed to wearing a snug muzzle to overcome the fear biting when being handled, we can now attempt to stop the barking. In some cases the snug muzzle will physically stop the barking in the car as it restricts the dog opening the mouth. The snug muzzle also has a calming effect. Using the ‘Dogalter’ as an alternative as the dog, in certain circumstances, can be left unattended wearing it and although there is very little restriction on the dog opening the mouth, it does distract the dog and will calm the excitement thereby stopping the barking.

A lady came to see me with a German Shepherd who would not stop barking in the back of her estate car. She was an experienced trainer and wanted to use the ‘Dogalter’. She had to drive 20 miles to my classes and then drive back. After fitting the ‘Dogalter’, which the dog appeared to readily accept, the lady drove off home again.

She rang me when she got back, to say she was amazed as she had been sceptical at first, but she had not heard a ‘peep’ from the dog on the way back home! The ‘Dogalter’ had diverted the dog’s mind away, giving it something else to think about other than barking.

The lady is now a convert even though I told her to get the dog accustomed to the Dogalter before leaving the dog with it on in the car. The Stop Pull Headcollar has the same effect, if there had been a problem then I probably would have used a Safety Muzzle.

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